Founded in 1975,Tullamore Lions Club has been serving the  Tullamore and surrounding areas ever since. Those who founded the club did so to meet the needs that existed then. They laid down strong foundations that continue to serve us well. The needs we are asked to help with today are similar to those that existed when the club was set up. They relate to changed family circumstances, due to ill health, changed financial circumstances and often lone parenting. If a need exists and we are asked to help, we do what we can in ways that respect the privacy and dignity of the individuals and families concerned. 

The Lions Club is good at fundraising and we use much of the money we raise to assist other charitable organisations that are good at providing essential services but are sometimes short of funds to meet the needs they are good at dealing with. 

Our club is a member of Lions Clubs International, the largest community service organisation in the world. The motto of Lions Clubs everywhere is ‘’We Serve’’. It is a commitment to the community that takes many forms. Our attitude is to try to meet the needs of our community through financial support when that is what we are asked for  and by assisting in solving problems or  promoting developments that will benefit our community when that is what is called for.

When famines, earthquakes  and severe flooding devastate other communites, we realise how fortunate we are in not having to cope with disasters on that scale. As a member of a large international family of Lions Clubs and knowing we have the support of our own community, we are conscious that a modest  financial contribution from our club can make a big difference when added to the contributions of thousands of other Lions Clubs across the globe. When we make a donation to a worthy cause abroad, we do so confident that it will go directly, through Lions Clubs International, to where it is intended to benefit.

Our club observes best practice in relation to governance and accountability. All funds raised are fully accounted for, members pay an annual membership fee, which covers all administrative costs. Members act in an entirely voluntary capacity and do not receive any financial benefits or any benefits in kind.

Lions Clubs International

Founded in Chicago Illinois U.S.A in 1917 by an Insurance agent Melvin Jones, Lions Clubs International has ever since offered business and professional people a way of sharing their success by helping those less fortunate than themselves. The association became International when the first Club in Canada was formed in 1920.

Lions are men and women who volunteer their time to humanitarian causes in their local communities. They do so in the belief that those who live in a community are in the best position to know who needs help and why. This is achieved through membership of their local Lions Club. More than 47,000 in number, these Clubs are part of the world’s largest service organisation, with over 1.4 million members in more than 200+ countries. The association is both non political and non sectarian. The association is governed by an International Board of Directors elected by Lions from around the world.

‘Lionism’ came to Ireland in 1955 when the first Club was formed in Dublin. Today there are over 100 Clubs in Ireland with a membership over 2,000 members. Lions clubs in Ireland are all part of District 133 with no division between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

Tullamore Lions Club is part of Lions Clubs of Ireland and Lions Clubs International. More information on these can be found at  www.lionsclubs.ie and www.lionsclubs.org


To Lions anywhere in the world, the motto “WE SERVE” is not only a motto but a philosophy. The word “LIONS” is an acronym for Liberty, Intelligence and Our Nations Safety. 


Photo below taken at the official opening of the outdoor fitness zone in Llyod Town Park provided by Tullamore Lions Club and supported by Offaly Local Development Co, Offaly County Council, & HSE

Photograph:  Jeff Harvey